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As one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated products, Cape Town Box is uniquely positioned to offer world class products and services to our customers. For all your packaging requirements: Moving Cartons, Cake Cartons, Trays, Assorted RSC, Hanger Cartons, Die Cut Cartons & Corrugated Cardboard. Wholesale prices on all moving boxes and supplies, topped with a 24 hour delivery service makes Cape Town Box your Number 1 choice.

Moving Boxes

Professional moving boxes that come in a variety of sizes that are specially suited.

Ballot Box

Ballot boxes are sealed boxes that are used for voters to put their completed ballots in.

Lids and Trays

An elegant solution when you need a box that offers reliable strength and a great presentation.

Pizza Boxes

The Pizza Box is a folded packaging box that makes home deliveries and takeaways easier.

Poster Boards

A display board-shaped poster material that is rigid and strong enough to stand on its own.

Bubble Wrap

Plastic packaging material that contains numerous small air cushions designed to protect fragile goods.

File Boxes

If you work from home and need a safe place to keep your files, file boxes are a great solution.

Clothes Hanger Box

These boxes are used for safeguarding clothes in transit and storage and work with hangar rods.


Pressure-sensitive, strong, durable box sealing tape used for closing and sealing cardboard boxes.

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